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Relax, Release, & Repeat with C-REST For Neck

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Release Pain & Stress with C-REST for Neck & Shldr only in 10 minutes!
Easy, Safe, and Revolutionary




It's Monday again, isn't it? Sarah feels huge weight on her shoulder. Tension headache builds up over the weekend. Kids crying for more. She needs better sleep. Sounds familiar?

C-REST creates ultimate relaxation in your neck and shoulder anytime anywhere. C-REST helps you relieve stress, rest better and feel refreshed.

C-REST is an intelligent, personal massager. You do not need to ask your friends or husband/wife to get that STIFF SPOT (what some people call it, "Knot"). 

It is easy to use anywhere—in offices, hotels, car (obviously not while driving), sofa, bed, and more. 

Start your morning refreshed with C-REST, OR rest on C-REST to release stress and tension before bed. Rest comfortably in effortless perfect posture.

Move side to side. Instead of friends, C-REST can take care of that SPOT for you!



  • Dimension: 130mm x 240mm x 210mm
  • Weight: 500g


Does it come with an internal battery?

No, it does not require power. By its pure design, it just works. Therefore, it can be used for years and years to come

Shipping Details

C-RESTs are all produced in South Korea and depending on from where you order, we will either ship from S. Korea or from the West Coast in the USA. In either cases, You will be able to receive your orders within 7 (up to 14 days) business days and you will be able to track your package via its tracking number.

Refund & Return Policy

If you wish to return your C-REST, we offer you a 14 working days term during which you can pass back your unopened in its original package. Please send us an email to and state your order number. We will take charge of the shipping costs and proceed to refund your C-REST.